Welcome to Nutritionally Delicious! This is a blog dedicated to all things food and nutritional science. The aim of this blog is to show that nutritious food can indeed still be delicious, and vice versa. These ideas are highlighted through introductions of local & cultural food, and supplemented with links to scientific data.

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Here, you will find nutritional opinions of everyday meals, healthy recipes, or discussions about today’s ever changing food and health crazes. 

The person behind this blog is me, Izzy 🙂 I’m a college student by day and food/health blog editor by night. I am currently studying Biology at a school in Boston, so expect many of the entries to feature Boston/New England food scene! Some of you may have known me from my previous blog: http://obsessivenutritioncompulsive.wordpress.com. It is no longer visible to the public. This food/health blog was created in 2013, and its main contents were documentations of my trials & tribulations as a ‘health-control freak’ (many of the contents are still available on this website). Visit this page for more on this topic.

Since then, my eating & health views has developed and refined greatly, and this blog was born. My principle of ‘compulsively clean eating everything‘ has shifted to ‘everything in moderation’ similar to the Buddhist’s “Middle Path“. Although, more than 50% of my food consumption is still plant foods and I only occasionally eat sweets — I’d still call this a relatively typical human diet for a regular 20-year old 🙂

Lastly, I do hope you will find the scientific papers links, healthy-eating tips, and recipes on this site helpful!

Thank you again for visiting Nutritionally Delicious! For contact info please visit my profile page.


– Izzy

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Exploring the balance between Nutritious & Delicious.

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