Mother Burger & Grand Central food court review @ Hell’s Kitchen & Grand Central Station, NYC

After a morning of 1 hr and 30 minutes torturous wait at the Chinese consulate, we immediately sought out delicious and refreshing lunch.

We walked under New York’s glaring summer sun all the way from the 12th to 9th avenue. Then, finally settled at Mother Burger – a hip looking restaurant bar located in a little restaurant plaza-like setting. Some of the other restaurants include a health snack shop and a luxurious-looking Chinese restaurant, amongst many others.

Giant cow hung up on a wall

The restaurant was definitely uniquely decorated. It had weird decors like a giant cow, trophies lining high shelves (I wonder whether the owner is associated to a sport), etc.

Two TVs in the restaurant

Despite the antique ornaments, the furniture was definitely new or at least clean and sleek. The dark wood seatings induced a luxurious feel. The restaurant interior/exterior was a combination of old-fashioned steakhouse and hipster.

Another shot

My brother ordered the strawberry margarita $5

strawberry margarita – a popular drink

Apparently, incredibly tasty and refreshing, especially with the lime wedge and salt.

And of course, the Mother Burger, the restaurant’s namesake. Only $9

Quite large portion of meat for the price

Because of the cheap price, I worried about the quality of the beef. Could it be pink slime?

Hot burger patties oozing beef fat and cooking oil

Because the restaurant is not a low-tiered one, I figured they couldn’t have used low-quality meat..

Enjoying greasy fries
Assembling burger
Double the size of McDonalds, 40% more expensive?
Typical burger problem – falling fillings
Obviously enjoying this

Final verdict: 

The fries looked pretty good quality and so did the burger. My brother didn’t detect any sort of pink slime or floury taste (common of budget meat patties… I know all too well from my dining hall experience). The beef seemed relatively genuine. The buns were a bit floppy and disintegrate-y, nevertheless, this did not take away from the overall good taste of the Mother Burger. By the way, adding in the fries’ mayonnaise is recommended as the burger comes relatively unseasoned.

Taste 4 stars – both their signature dish and drink were pretty delicious.

Atmosphere 4 stars – welcoming, clean, and homey at the same time. The air conditioner was definitely working full swing!

Service 4 stars – I would give it 5 stars if they had WI-FI!! (exasperated shriek) Because the waiters were incredibly courteous and attentive. We were given personalized waiter. I asked him for water-refill about 3 times, and in the end, he gave me a huge cup with new straw. Haha! He also checked on us, asked us if the food was okay.

Cost 4 stars – Affordable; for the great atmosphere, air-conditioning, service, and large portions.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Once again, we went to experience the high-class life at 5th avenue.

We passed by a Godiva boutique; because of the enticing chocolate-dipped strawberries mountain display we just had to go in.

Free chocolate truffles!

As soon as we got in, a friendly attendant gave us a free Godiva each. The displays inside looked amazing. Everything looked überly delicious. There were croissant-liked coated desserts, biscuits fully dipped in chocolate, and 100+ variations of Godiva chocolates encased in a large glass display counter. Drool.

We actually aren’t that great fans of sweets, and since everything looked expensive, we decided to quickly leave.

*We went to NYC again (and also the same Godiva store) yesterday, so I snapped a few images of what I had mentioned in this post: 

Some of the many chocolates on display in the rectangular window box.
Some of the many chocolates on display in the rectangular window box.
That day, they were giving out different flavor chocolate:
That day, they were giving out different flavor chocolate. I think this was chocolate lava.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Then, it was time to head back to New Haven. We arrived at the Grand Central Station; and since it was already dinner time, we headed to the Grand Central Dining Concourse.

It was my first time there and I was immediately amazed by the luxurious atmosphere of the food court, with high marble/stone ceilings, and Romanesque architecture. The ceiling lights added more to the atmosphere.

Dining area of the Concourse

It looked so chic! The combination of neoclassical – modern was baffling to me!

Indian and pizzeria

They had varieties of cuisine from all walks of life.

Two Boots restaurant bar

This Two Boots restaurant, which seems to cater mostly pizza dishes, even had their own restaurant space. The interior looked very inviting by the way. Modern with lots of bright colors.

Being patriots, of course, we opted for the Thai stall with a funny name – Thai Toon.

Thai Toon

That’s what’s great about patronizing restaurants of your compatriots. The service quality doubles.

Our hardworking Thai ladies
Our hardworking Thai ladies
Extremely appetizing Thai food
Extremely appetizing Thai food
Chicken basil

Not very Thai, but very tasty. Thai Toon – highly recommended! Great service and food!

Grand Central Market

There was also even a fresh foods market! It looked very clean and well-organized too. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to browse the place.

So, that is the end of this NYC food review. Hopefully more to come. Hell’s Kitchen or Grand Central Dining Concourse, neither definitely disappointed.

– Izzy