One Serving Of Crystal Light: Half Of This Pre-Measured Packet

This is something to always keep in mind – healthful or unhealthful food products (industrial/natural). That’s why I like the Japanese idea of minimalism (especially when it comes to eating) so much. Remember the quote “Hara hachi bu” or “Eat only until 80% full”.
Anything is okay to have in moderation, really. So people, don’t get fooled by the labels and eat unconsciously!

P.S. I recently discovered the seemingly more healthful option “Crystal Light” at the college cafeteria, so this was a good read. Thanks Consumerist! Follow.

Check out all the products that Krafts own. lol!

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    1. I’m sorry but I don’t understand the craze with carbonated water! I know this is especially widespread in Europe (whilst in America, it seems to be sugary + carbonated = soft drinks, or artificially sweetened ones). In the airports outside of Asia you definitely see more of the carbonated water 🙂

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