Thank you very much all my wonderful followers and readers!!

Dear reader/followers,

I am planning on taking a hiatus from writing this blog. As a few of you may know, I have just started my first semester at college this fall. It has been quite hectic. As a result, updating this blog, which requires a lot of writing/research to be put into each post has been almost impossible.

I have decided to start a new blog on tumblr: called”Inspir-food-ation”. One of the theme of this tumblr blog is similar to this one – appreciation of food, and its nutrition. However, I decided to add a few different elements to this new blog. Alongside photos of interesting food – healthy and/or indulgence – I will also be showcasing my photography and artwork. It will be a blog dedicated to the beauty of food and art.

Of course, I will still be writing my usual over-descriptive food flavors & texture narration. But they will be much shorter (The main reason of having a tumblr instead of WordPress was because of time constraint).

In summary, I would like to thank all my loyal followers for following me until this day (despite the fact that I would occasionally leave months long gaps) and readers for reading my weird nutrition rants or strange food combinations/recipes.



Thanks again,

Best regards,


P.S. Please check out my new tumblr if you can 😉