Papa’s most delicious canned fish salsa! (cheap, quick and super convenient)

My dad is one heck of a cook I tell you. However, being Chinese, he has no idea how to use spices. Salt, soybean sauce and pepper are his condiments of choice: making delicious dishes out of only three seasoning ingredients is pretty impressive (which supports my claim that my dad is a good cook). All you need to do to believe me is try some of his recipes out for yourself! Such as this one!

And being Chinese, my dad cooks very quickly. He is able to make two Chinese-style stir-fries in 5 minutes, which is a handy skill when you are cooking for very hungry teens.

This delicious canned fish recipe would be done and ready for serve in 5 minutes.

Who would’ve known that one can make an exotic fish salsa from canned fish? What you need is simply some canned mackerel, tuna, tomato sauce and onions (preferably red)

Canned fish is not only a cheap source of protein, it also comes packed with lots of nutrients like omega-6 and 3 oils, fat soluble vitamins found in fish, and calcium (because the bones becomes very soft and therefore edible).

Although one must also keep in mind about the saturated fats that can come when your canned fish has been cooked in other sauces or soaked in vegetable oil. And as with canned foods, canned fish tend to also be very high in sodium.

Nevertheless, owing to the decent taste and convenience of canned fish, when you are desperate for a filling and nutritious source of protein, this is the one to turn to!


My dad never does anything with little or no effort. Therefore, canned fish for him shall not be eaten as they are. So here is his flavourful rendition of canned fish:

Canned fish salsa


1 can of mackerel in tomato sauce

1 can of tuna in oil

1 onion, chopped

Half a lime

1 red chili

A dash of pepper and salt


Stir fry the canned fish in a pan at medium heat, along with the chopped onions. The mackerel will come to smaller pieces as you stir fry the mix. Simmer the mixture at low heat until the onions become soft. Add lime juice. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Enjoy!

rosa mackerel
This was the brand of canned fish we had used. Although any mackerel or even tuna in tomato sauce would do.

About the amazing taste:
This canned fish salsa is simply delicious. It is a blend of slight saltiness, spiciness and sour. It is not sweet, but has slight aromatic hint from the onions. Most of all, despite coming from canned products, it tastes very authentic. This is brought about through the use of fresh ingredients like red onions, chili and lime.
This canned fish salsa can be eaten alongside salad, or with noodles/spaghetti as some sort of a pasta dish. Add a bit of olive oil (my dad chucked in about a tablespoon) for an Italian twist when eating with pasta! And voila! You’ve got a super easy and versatile recipe to experiment with!