“Audrey” cafe and bistro – desserts review (super scrumptious sweets and a lovely atmosphere)

This post is way overdue. It is meant to be a direct follow-up from my previous post here: http://obsessivenutritioncompulsive.wordpress.com/2014/01/13/okinawan-restaurant-nirai-kanai-revisited-finally-getting-to-try-the-sea-grapes-aloe-vera-sashimi-and-the-infamous-collagen-pork-and-also-the-secret-in-their-healthful-diet-finally-unveiled/ about the restaurant, “Nirai Kanai”.

“Audrey” was the cafe we decided to visit for our ‘after-dinner’ (after “Nirai-Kanai”) desserts. Conveniently, the cafe was right opposite the Japanese restaurant.

*This was located in Thonglor 11, Sukhumvit 55 Road, Wattana, Bangkok.


Entrance to the cafe: I loved the look of the “Tsai tree” (banyan tree) with its delicate, descending structures, and decorated with glowing lanterns. This gave the cafe a sort of ‘magical atmosphere’.

Banyan tree with a ‘colonial house’ setting; the cafe had a mix of ‘European and tropical’.

My mum wanted to make a ‘subtle’ appearance.

Despite being January 9th, the Christmas decorations were still on (who cares? the Christmas atmosphere automatically makes everything jollier!)

A view into the shop’s interior. Once again, this random girl keeps popping in the middle of my photos!

It was 9 pm that night, but the shop was still filled (eventhough they close at 10 pm and take their last order at 9.30 pm). Therefore, I didn’t have the guts to walk around taking photos of ‘misses and misters’ enjoying their lavish get-togethers (it was a posh shop. I felt a bit underdressed)

The shop had a very clean interior with a white colour scheme (and whitish/clear coloured chandeliers). In the middle of the entrance inside the cafe was a ‘mini carousel’ (the red/white tent) decorated with some of the bakings/tea boxes the shop offers. Overall, the cafe had quite a fancy atmosphere.

About the origin of the name “Audrey”, they really did meant the actress, Audrey Hepburn although the cafe had very few references to the style icon apart from two framed paintings hung near the bathrooms (just kidding, they on the opposite wall).

I thought the underplay of the “Audrey” reference was a good move because it gave the shop a subtle theme of elegance and class that comes with “Audrey Hepburn”, but it could personalize and create a identity an of its own i.e. if the shop was filled to the brim with “Audrey Hepburn” merchandise and pictures, it could only be a restaurant dedicated to the actress.

Anyway, onto the desserts:

Thai dessert – “Tubtim grob” with fresh coconut milk.

I loved how “Audrey” also had Thai desserts on their menu, which means their shops had a wide variety of dishes to cater all kinds of tastebuds/people’s moods. It maintains the core tradition in an otherwise very Western setting.

“Tumtim grob” is a good choice of dessert for diabetics because the main component of the dessert – water chestnuts made into a shape which mimics pomegranate seeds (Tubtim = pomegranate) – is not sweet in itself. The dessert is sweetened by strips of Jackfruit, tossed on top, and mildly sweetened coconut milk (and you can always just take just a bit of coconut milk and enjoy the crunchy water chestnuts instead!).

Surprisingly, this was my decadent-sweets lover mum’s order and not mine.

An array of desserts (notice the carousel-themed paper-mats? So adorable! But they initially reminded me of paper-mats offered to kids at fast-food chains..)

My brother and his friends (remember, we were having a farewell dinner before my brother flew back to the States) ordered three kinds of desserts to share (I always find the fact strange…that males also enjoy desserts)

Banana samosa suzette – Deep fried banana samosa style, served with orange sauce and macadamia ice-cream.

I used to be crazy about macadamia ice-cream (also was my dad’s favourite flavour), most often from Baskins Robbins. In my opinion, the healthiest ice-desserts are non-dairy ‘sorbets’ where they are mostly fruits, ice and sugar. Whereas, ice-cream (although from experience are generally less sweet than sorbets) also contain a copious amount of cream.

Good thing ice-cream shops in Thailand often have ‘low-sugar’ or ‘low-fat’ options. There is even a ‘desserts-shop’ called “S-free” which as the name indicates, serves sugar-free desserts. I am yet to review this shop!!

My mum’s other dessert order – of course she had to order two servings – green tea ice-cream. Although I must admit that her desserts were in quite small portions.

The thing with seemingly healthy ice-cream flavours like “green-tea” is that they can be easily perceived as a healthier alternative. Eventhough the ice-cream was basically a ball of sweetened milk+cream with a bit of “matcha” (Japanese ground green tea) powder.

And of course, at a ‘high quality’ cafe like “Audrey”, the green-tea ice-cream was packed full of genuine matcha flavours (Filled with antioxidants! Good thing green tea has some carbohydrate i.e. sugar metabolizing qualities. Therefore, it is a good idea to drink hot green tea alongside desserts – a custom of the Japanese and Chinese).

My order: non-sugar hot chocolate.

I was so happy that they were able to make my hot chocolate without sugar! Honestly, it already tasted amazing with just chocolate and milk (don’t understand people and their obsessions with sugar).

I was very impressed about the fact that they used solid dark chocolate that did not contain any sugar whatsoever, (I found bits of chocolate at the bottom) because I believe most shops use normal chocolates in their hot chocolate.

The drink was very creamy but not too rich, and the price was also reasonable: under 100 baht which is unexpected for a posh cafe like “Audrey”. All of their desserts apart from mum’s orders were all in the mid-1oo baht or more, range.

Strawberry trifle waffle – layers of waffle, strawberries and fresh cream.

This dessert did not disappoint (it was just about to tip over before I took the photo). The waffle was so incredibly light, almost like a sponge! I suspect they had used a mixture of light flour like corn flour. I wasn’t sure if they had used lots of eggs to give the waffles volume (you can really catch a waft of eggs – which was not overwhelming however), but I imagine that might make the waffles quite rubbery and not as spongy as it had been.

The price of the desserts were quite reasonable though, considering how big each was! (you can easily share between three people, but my brother managed to finish the waffle almost all by himself)


This was the third of the boys’ desserts: chewy melty chocolate cake, served with vanilla ice-cream. The cake looked chewy in the middle alright (but was not a lava cake).

Some of the cakes on show – most were in the 100 baht range, which is quite a normal price nowadays.

My dad and I decided to go into the shop for a stroll (They had two floors for dining by the way). Just a random note: their bathroom was very fancy and clean.

The halloween cake really stood out to me with its 'out-of-season' presence, and also the really interesting icing.
The halloween cake really stood out to me with its ‘out-of-season’ presence, and also the really interesting icing.

The black gooey looking icing was possibly some ganache?

Personalized "Audrey" bottles.
Personalized “Audrey” bottles.

Overall, the “Audrey” experience was quite impressive. The Western-style desserts were of high-quality (considering how hard it is to seek out the best ingredients over here), the prices were reasonable, and the atmosphere was wonderful. One can sit outside or inside, enjoy European cuisine, or Thai-style foods.

I didn’t get to try their food menu, or the special ‘namesake’ dessert “Audrey’s Dream” which from the menu looked like a mix of pudding with ice-cream – a yummy mess. These will need to wait.

Overall, I definitely recommend this cafe/bistro for those looking for a pretty venue to quitely relax and catch-up.


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  1. Hot chocolate without sugar? I make a sugar-free hot chocolate, but it has dates instead of sugar. Don’t know if I can stomach a hot chocolate without any sweetener at all, but more power to you chica! Celeste 🙂

    1. Gosh Celeste! hot chocolate tastes delicious by itself. If you try drinking the chocolate with no sweetener at all, you can taste that the cacao beans have a subtle sweetness in itself. You would also notice other flavours of the drink like creaminess or the aroma. Anyway, I am yet to try your dates drink too, it looks very appetizing! 🙂

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