Savoury yeast muffins with pumpkin seeds filling – egg free + almost dairy free save for the addition of paneer cheese!

*This post was written at the end of October, and this will be the last post for the next two weeks where I’ll need to seriously delve in exams-study mode*

Due to popular demands, I had to make these naturally-rising (by yeast) muffins once again.

*Plus, they’re such a quick and easy yeast bread-product to make! No kneading involved whatsoever + only 10 minutes max of rising and resting time!*


All nice and stained yellow from the turmeric powder! (Love vibrantly colored foods, a feast for the both eyes and a healthy body!)


Just finished scooping them into their individual habitations.

I’ve always wanted to find out how much yeast breads/cakes actually rise *because mine always come out flatter than they should be*

So that was the BEFORE

And here’s the AFTER


The bread moved!! The wonders of science and chemistry!!


Just before going into the oven, I have added the pumpkin seed filling (notice how I pinched the tops closed). My reason for adding in the paneer cheese, ruining the whole dairy-free flow I had going (i.e. having used soy milk in place of milk), and wasting my vegan efforts, was simply due to there being some leftover cheese in the fridge.

Making use of what’s there and not wasting food is obviously better than being totally stringent yet not making much sense when it comes to the environment or sustainability.

But what’s PANEER CHEESE in case you were wondering?

It is a type of Indian cheese, very similar to cottage cheese in it’s preparatory process but tougher in texture.

It has more calories than cottage cheese as well because of the lessened water content. I would recommend preparing paneer cheese by cooking it in curries (so uber delicious and creamy yet not too overwhelming), the uncooked form (although all milk has obviously been homogenized) is simply just bland and rubbery tasting.


Anyway, the yeast muffin recipe is here:

Same exact process except for the pumpkin seed filling (as once again, we had pumpkin seeds which had been sitting in the pantry for a bit too long *prolonged storage increase effects of phytic acid!! post here* basically mix together some paprika, parsley or other dried herbs, a bit of pepper and push into the muffins then seal.

*I’ve always felt real crept out when I seal up the top of yeast bread/muffins because of the pinching of the opened tops together. It feels like some surgical procedure on human skin… with Halloween that’s just passed… shiver!!

Apparently, Halloween was originally the occasion to celebrate saints, not ghosts!


Also, I made soy cream cheese from soy yogurt which can easily replace the paneer in this recipe for vegans! (use the same process as when making yogurt cheese, just use plain soy yogurt instead. The texture was A-MA-ZING melt in your mouth creamy heaven)

*Stick around, more yummy healthy recipes, restaurant outings, protein bar sampling, even more detailed nutritional analysis to come within the next two weeks!!*

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