Diabetic Diet – Demystified

The diabetic diet to me, seems to be one of the most ideal and healthiest diet for a long life right now. I used to be crazy about a low-fat, with less focus on my fructose(fruits) consumption but I now realize the importance to put a stopper on our sugar(including fruits and simple carbs)intake! Sugar, both fructose and glucose are highly addictive and we are only meant to be consuming them in moderate or little amounts, in addition sugar serves no function in our biological systems whatsoever, while fats are a vital part of our bodies. After all, our body is 70% fat. No just kidding haha. More like..20%??
Link to Priya’s post on the diabetes day challenge: http://sugarfreesweetheart.com/2013/11/14/world-diabetes-day-challenge/ 
Anyway, more posts to come about sugar, and the implications surrounding kids and their carbs intake.