Breakfast as kings, lunch for princes, dine like a pauper diet – does it really help with weight loss? (I’ve got results to show)

As many of you may have already known through reading my blog entries that I’m a bit of a psycho. I eat the weirdest food i.e. fish heads and its various internal sludgy components, and do the stupidest fad diets that I’ve created myself. Most of them, in the past, have failed(because of lack of nutritional knowledge to manage the diets). I will compose up a long list of my past wacky diets(some did help in trimming up though) which I promise will post up in a future entry.

On to this diet; Breakfast like a king, lunch for princes, dine like a pauper. It sounded plausible, it made sense, and I had high hopes for it.

(Medieval food)

Back in the days, when we didn’t have the luxury of the ‘all day and night sunlight’ or rather, electricity and light bulbs, we stuck by this diet rule. (I’d always imagine some medieval person when I talk about this diet) We would wake up and have breakfast as soon as the morning sunlight hit our faces(no need for cellphone alarms), and have a rather large breakfast for the long day ahead i.e. you never know where you would be at lunch time. And during lunch time, you might be in the middle of a forest harvesting berries or on your way to visiting your aunt in Ogdensville, and for light-travelling’s sake, you would’ve packed a moderately light lunch. It’s dinner time, which is just before the sun sets when you would go to sleep, you’ve probably got gruel for dinner because you’re just a poor, middle-ages villager, or alternatively, you could be some medieval king or a knight(I play too many Sims Medieval) who’s totally fat-as.

What made sense about this diet is that it states that, we shouldn’t be consuming most of the calorie at dinnertime because it’s not like we’re about to go out and run around town on errands in the middle of the night or something, and burn 500 calories. Let’s admit it, after work, after dinner, we’d probably be either couch potatoes, relaxing in front of the tele or lounging comfortably with your bestfriend, tablet before creeping off to bed, to get ready for the new work day ahead. And the diet claimed you would lose more weight by shifting most of your calories to the morning hours.

My review: I’ve tried this diet, and it wasn’t easy. First, I couldn’t have a one session king-sized, hotel-buffet-like meal at breakfast, because I’d have to hurry off to ‘the educational institute’. Two, I could never dine like a pauper because I’m not a bloody middle-ages peasant(no way I’m going to eat some watery oatmeal).There are just too many food distractions at home which skews me off from a super-light dinner.

So instead, I’d tweaked the diet a little(like when baking, I can never leave a recipe alone i.e. when it calls for just vanilla for flavouring(can you be more boring?) I’d have to proceed to rummaging through the spices cupboard).

What I did with the diet was, which had resulted in a downhill result;

Instead of a king breakfast, I would have a normal, typical one. Then have my prince lunch around mid-morning. I may or may not have a small leftover of my lunch for lunch, so would sometimes eat nothing. Then have an early dinner that’s moderately light.

However, I still maintained the same amount of calories as I normally eat.

The key point of this diet is the effectiveness in the spacing out of calories, and here’s how my typical normal day goes;

breakfast – a medium sized banana, vegan cheese spread *recipe here:, source of morning protein i.e. cup of soy milk with chia seeds(delish by the way) then a veggie source i.e. a floret or two of broccoli. (Around 300 calories, same as a typical breakfast i.e. cereal, milk and fruits)


(vegan cheese spread, quite high in calories i.e. 1 heaped tbsp = 100)

(lunch) mid-morning snacks or second round of breakfast –  something along this line; tofu sandwich, mushroom XO sauce, salad, a celery stick. (Around 350-400 calories)


Lunch – The leftover apple from the lunch. (Around 90 calories or sometimes I would have nothing but water)

Dinner – (I don’t usually have mung bean noodles because of its ‘processed-ness’, but the calories gives a rough idea) mung bean noodles in spicy Chinese sauce(from this restaurant near my house, they make the most delicious mung bean noodles ever!), mung bean sprouts(it’s a mung beans massacre), spring onions and a duck egg. (Around 300 calories)

20130802_172550     Then directly after dinner, I would have a lot of fruits i.e. around 3-4 servings(I’m a fruity), but mostly low calorie fruits i.e. mandarins, and two cups of no sugar cocoa + 1 tbsp soy milk and hot water drinks (The fruits and drinks calories would total to around 100 calories, which in combination with the dinner calories = 400+ calories). Low-calorie fruits saved me from becoming obese(I’m 5’1″ and 48 kg)

My breakfast as kings, lunch for princes, dine like a pauper diet has become; breakfast as kings, lunch for beggars, dinner for a prince.

Today I didn’t eat lunch either, and so I would get hungry quite early on i.e. around 4.30 pm and I would stave off the hunger with your good old no sugar cocoa + 1 tbsp soy milk drink, or with simply water. Then I would eat my dinner rather hungrily at 5.30 pm.

So in summary, by eating two meals in the morning(I eat my lunch at 10.30 am, morning tea time) I get hungry then eat lots of food at dinner time(mind you, my dinner is pretty low calorie. I pig out on low-calorie fruits like moderately sweet mandarins which are pretty much water-filled, delicious fiber bags). In theory, consuming most of your calories in the morning should be a good thing, BUT here are my results:

I’m pretty sure I’m not hallucinating, but I’ve been seeing a tummy forming! You may ask why instead of losing weight(by consuming and therefore burning most calories in the morning) I was gaining an obscure but rather, flabs!

Here’s my enlightening theory and discovery;

1. When your body is put under a fast(i.e. my lunch fast from 10.50 am till 5.30 pm which is a very long lunch dinner gap, i.e. 6 and a half hours, with no snacks in between. From 4 pm I would also get kind of hungry), it thinks back to the cavemen times, and thinks you are lacking food resources. As a result, your body retains fat more than usual to conserve energy, which can result in a tummy flab like I have obtained.

2. Not having food down into your stomach for a period of time can result in slower metabolism. This is why having breakfast in the morning is a good idea to kick start your metabolism for the day(I know lots of people have the habit to avoid it). It can just be something like a piece of fruit or a source of protein and energy like a handful of nuts. This should be the better alternative instead of pigging out at lunch, where your sluggish metabolism will just carry the lunch calories around with you till dinner time where you pile on some more excess.

3. Eating too many fruits especially at night time when I’m not using much sugar for energy. I’ll need to do more research on this, but perhaps the fructose in fruits when not used for energy, will become converted to fat during sleep?

SO as answer to the question, “Does the breakfast as kings, lunch for princes, dine like a pauper diet really work?”; I believe it’s an awesome diet guideline to use which can definitely lead to weight loss, because of the higher amount of calories consumed that will burn off more during the day. Have you heard of the whole eating desserts and your various guilty pleasures for breakfast diet? However, it’s not really convenient for most busy people to have a huge, 3 course meal for breakfast or something along the line. I certainly don’t have the time to prepare and chow down some mushroom omelette with grilled tomatoes and whatever else in the morning. And even I(with so many diet rules) can’t possibly resist having a relaxing moderately calorie-d dinner after a long day.

Therefore, what I’d recommend for weight loss or maintenance is(which I’ve been doing successfully before I took on a mutated version of this diet) to have a typical, balanced meals for all three of them, but excluding as much processed foods as you can(I can’t talk much because I still eat foods like canned baked beans, guilty pleasure) which can sometimes be filled with lots of sugar and fat, and include lots of veggies to fill you up. Dinner should be mainly veggies and a moderate amount of protein source, then fill up on veggies or watery fruits i.e. mandarins(or tangerines in other countries), strawberries, raspberries, etc. to satisfy your cravings(for something like dessert).

If you happened to have tried or attempted this diet before, please share your success stories and opinions. I certainly couldn’t resist a not so light dinner. I’ll also need to stop my lunch for breakfast thing soon(which results in the mini-fasts) to lose this flab that’s been happening.

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