Obsessive Nutrition Compulsive disorder

So what is ‘Obsessive Nutrition Compulsive disorder’? Apart from being the title of my newest blog, (and embarrassingly, I have to admit, not my first… The first was an abominable failure piece of daily entries of ignored rants during my period of puberty blues).

Anyways, ‘Obsessive Nutrition Compulsive disorder’ is a disorder characterized by obsessive behaviors in eating very healthily, and being excessively aware of the nutritional values of what one is eating daily. Also, the compulsion(but in this case, not necessary contrary to one’s own will as the definition of the word infers, I mean, I genuinely love eating the healthy foods that I do) to eat one’s meal in a food ‘pyramidical’ pattern. Or something close to that.


Oh, and P.S. I totally made this diagnosis up. However, it’s a ‘not-existing disorder’ that a lot of us must admit to having, that includes me.

But what I’m asking myself is, what can be bad about eating healthily and leading a healthy lifestyle? They are scholarly articles I’m still struggling to compose. And the question brings us back to why the heck I’ve created this blog.

In a society where packets of chips for lunch is totally the norm, I’m pretty much a slight outcast. But what’s wrong with having steamed vegetables with tofu or other sources of non-meat protein? Is eating only wholefoods a bit too extreme?

I mean, according to the FD of nearly all countries in the world, junk food deserves a reserved spot,(like those annoying spaces at car parks that half of the time no one actually uses, well for me that is), right up the top of the food pyramid. I, a health nut don’t feel a gut-wrenching craving to eat junk food, nor do I really need them to obtain my daily essential vitamins. So junk food for me is really an unneeded parking space.

(Coke is at the top??)

Why can’t we go back to the days, before this whole industrial evolution(I’m talking about the food side of it) when we hadn’t shower all the packaged goods with sugar, preservatives so they can last more than a decade in some dude’s jacket http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2313276/Man-keeps-McDonalds-burger-14-years-looks-exactly-the-day-flipped-Utah.html and, the society hadn’t commend it as normal to have at least a packet of biscuits a day?

Right now, I’m basically reveling in the natural healthy lifestyle which consists of (yes, many nutritional rules, roll your eyes all you want, health-haters!) a quasi-vegan, little or no sugar, meat free(except the occasional fish heads, yum! And free-range eggs), high veggies and fruits diet. At the same time, juggling the fast-paced struggles of study life – which can be described as occasionally going through moments of thrashing in a sucking mud pool, of grades and activities – and now I’ve inflicted the responsibility of creating a blog on myself, atop of the crazy routines mentioned.

Anyways, I’d like to prove to all of you through my blog that eating and living healthy is possible in the 21st century. Not adding a teaspoon of sugar to your coffee is not the end of the world. Using spices instead of an anthill of salt is not gross. Cakes can be surprisingly healthy with whole grains and other substitutes.

I’m not putting labels on anything and claiming what’s right or wrong, I just want to show the type of diet and lifestyle that works awesome for me and may be great for anyone out there too!