26th of July

I know, confusing. Don’t worry, it really is 27th of July but this entry is simply an update on my ‘yesterday’s nutritional reviews’.

And yesterday, 26th of July was really the day when I’d set up my ‘I’m not obsessive nutrition compulsive’ blog on WordPress. I just didn’t have time to post it up, because of the flurry of last-minute baking(for a fundraiser vegan bake sale, more on that in the next post) that lasted well into the night. *Well beyond my usual beauty sleep bedtime of 10 pm lights out(Right now I’m partially zombie-like and totally baggy-eyed, but energy(88 calories in each) from the soy protein sausages(eating my own unsold sorrows, of course, we all have had one of those unsuccessful sales moments) are keeping me thankfully awake!).

Fry’s sausages are delicious! But a tad bit salty to my taste.

(I have four leftover packages to be eaten over a couple of months)

But I think their main selling point is the fact that their sausage’s texture is very ‘meaty’. I also love the fact that they’re such a good source of protein that comes in a package of quite low calorie.This beats ‘real’ sausages anytime, both in protein and fat contents i.e. a typical bratwurst contains 196 calories. Yuck, those droopy bags of fat! I keep having back flashes of the way they loll their heads around when you pick them up from the middle…

But what bothers me about these processed soy products is the fact that I always feel like I’m eating a sachet of salt with each sausages(Mind you, they’re not that high in sodium *500 mg per sausage which is a bit more than a serving of canned baked beans*,  I’m just über sensitive in that salt-y area! Keeping in mind the issues that follow excess sodium consumption. I don’t know why I’m so über scared about salt, don’t even have issues with blood pressure… It’s the media!)

I’m pretty sure normal meat sausages don’t contain as much salt. Uncooked ones that aren’t cured are relatively low salt aren’t they?

But anyway, I really hope is that Fry’s use organic soybeans! Because following reading this article http://paleodietlifestyle.com/dangers-soy/ which talks about the fact that soy agriculture(it focuses on the impact of mass GM soybeans on soil, the run-off, etc. and deforestation), and using other  hidden knowledge in the nooks of my brain, I came to the conclusion, that I’d very like to reduce my previously slightly excess consumption of soy products.

Fry’s claims that is produces non-gm products on the package, but does being non-gm necessarily mean that the soybeans were grown sustainably? What with this surge of soy chucked and stuffed into nearly every morsel of processed food we eat. It’s like soy is the new corn, and they’re replacing corn’s sweep of agricultural takeover of lands. And apparently soy zap up the nutrients in soil more than other crops?(they claimed so in the paleo website) But then again don’t all plants do that? Hence farmers plant like a carpet crop or something which fixes up nutrients from the air and chuck it back down into the soil before planting their next crop.

Well, that’s gonna be pages of research for me and I can’t be bothered so I’m just gonna go with organic. So in conclusion, if Fry’s was organic then I’d be much more stoked eating their sausages because I won’t feel as guilty i.e. not feeling like I’m a part of the soiling(soy-ling?) of the earth

Anyways, this is Fry’s website http://www.frysvegetarian.co.za/ if you all are interested. Their headquarters is in South Africa, and if they aren’t stocked in your local supers, you should probably be able to order them from a local vegetarian foods distributor, on the internet or something. Will be slightly expensive(on top of Fry’s price) but if you’re desperate for yummy and pretty decent meat replicas, go for it(They have schnitzels, ‘Louisiana’ chicken wings, etc. as well)

Another vegan/vegetarian yum yum is Linda McCartney’s food but her stuff is pretty much packed with killer saturated fat, I’d only tried one product though; a small slice of the mushroom pie my mum was eating. It was pretty delicious, not gonna deny!(It’s the fat making everything taste good!) But my mum kind of ironically disapproved it(the saturated fats and sugar lover!). I think the pie had dairy in it too i.e. cream(this was way way before I went quasi-vegan) so what the heck is the point for health nuts?

Linda McCartney’s food are like kind of tasty no-meat pies,(when Vegetarian pies and other foods are relatively easy to source out nowadays) that you need to thaw to eat, makes you totally fat, and are really dang expensive. But then again all pies are pretty fatty.

But hey, if you like it expensive then I guess Linda McCartney is your go-to frozen food? Maybe it’s the ‘brand’ that’s enticing people to buy them? Or maybe people aren’t even buying them and the ‘Linda McCartney’ brand isn’t making much profit at all, but because she’s pretty rich(because she’d married one of the beatles and whatnot) the lady doesn’t give a dang?

Overall, I like her(despite her fatty ways) and Paul McCartney, they’re pretty dedicated with the whole save-the-animals affair, and I’m pretty pro-that.

Oh, and that’s, hence why I’d fundraised for our local vegan animal welfare organization.

On a small thought, Gwyneth Paltrow should probably come up with a frozen food, ready-meal line as well. They’d probably just be chopped raw veggies in cute compartments or something(caramelized brussels sprouts! lol). The new celebrity trend; out with the clothing lines, jump in food lines.

P.S. as you may have gotten the hint, I had a fundraising vegan sausage sizzle today, for the animal welfare organization, which wasn’t entirely über successful. But more on that later, in the next post!

Anyways, I’d like now to share yesterday’s vegan baking antics and my super nutritionally complete meals*main point of the dang blog*(and as a start to the new blog!  Feel like toasting but don’t like alcohol.)


For breakfast, I just had some bananas and nuts or something along that line.

My mid-morning snack, tofu with ‘Szechuan’ seaweed on top.


It’s really a part of my lunch, I just get hungry early on(at 11 am-ish). Tofu; the protein of today’s lunch.

(That’s how I overate soy products, I basically ate tofu for rice for a while to get enough protein to maintain the lean muscle mass)

‘Szechuan’ sauces and seasoning are actually quite delicious(it’s Chinese for those of you who may not have known), although it’s a bit oily and tongue numbing(because of the mysterious mix of herbs and spices, frequent Chinese restaurant goers will be familiar, like in Mapo tofu!) for my liking, the spicy and sour-y-ness is really quite tasty!

The seaweed is pretty tendon-y and crunchy in a way(that’s right, I’ve no idea how to describe the texture), seaweed; a great animal-murdering free substitute for jellyfish*like people generally need one..* However, spicy jellyfish salad is amazing!

(Not encouraging you to eat them or anything, but they are my guilty pleasure that are out of reach, because of my brand new meat-free attitude! Once you’ve tried you will get hooked on them! They’re dangerous!(in many different ways, ’cause they;re also sometimes poisonous))

On to the other half of my lunch, taken at 1 pm-ish(?)

Boiled purple cabbages!


You all should know by now(in this day an age where health-nuts run the town) the goodness of the purple pigment antioxidants anthocyanin found in various food sources such as eggplants, wild rice, cabbages.

Don’t want to get into details with this antioxidant just yet, they’re just good, alright? Just slurp them purple juices up. Chug it.

I paired the purple cabbages up with some delicious Thai vegetarian shrimp paste(made with, yet again, soy protein), another great source of protein! They were too oily and I didn’t want to eat too much oil, so I made a sauce out of it with lemon juice, soybean paste and some purple water.

I also ate steamed aubergine(I nearly spelled it ‘obergine’ duhhh..) with the cabbage pieces and the sauces. Aubergines… One of the most delicious of vegetables out there. They can easily sit as kings on the throne of the kingdom of vegetables for me. They’re just so… plump and juicy? They feel filling but they actually contain about the same calories as the cabbages per serving which is awesome.

I tried ‘unavailingly’ to down the purple cabbage water at the bottom of the bowl(there was quite a lot!) repeating to myself its internal molecular goodness, but yeah, I couldn’t do it. It just tasted totally murky and bitter. Beyond my usually vast taste buds capabilities.

As they say in Thai sayings; “Sweet is the air, bitter is medicine”(transliterated by me).

But I couldn’t do it!

And… Dun, dun dun!!

My long-awaited delicious dinner was..

20130726_175926 (1)

(I’ve been waiting all day for you)

salmon head, prepared classically(I actually have no idea how salmon heads are normally prepared… In sweet soy sauce for the Japanese style?) in a Thai spicy and sour soup style, otherwise known as the “Orange curry”.

And don’t you worry, I didn’t make a broth out of salmon head and orange peels(although that sounds like an interesting combination?). I think the name refers to the colour of the soup.

Twas so delicious. Nothing can beat the fattyness and creaminess of the healthy omega 3 fatty acids from the salmon head’s skin and its head parts. YUM. The fact that it’s guilty-free makes everything tastes like heaven on tongue!

P.S. that’s why the unhealthy foods(deep fried stuff) out there are so appealing to the vast majority of the population.

My mum made up this soup sometime earlier in the day, because the soup needed to boil for at least an hour to soften the bones to an edible ‘consistency'(using baking terms) and for the flavours to develop. We’ve made these fish head soups several times, experimenting with different flavours(i.e. Thai Tom-yum soup, sweet soy sauce, Chinese pickled veggies) Mostly because it’s one of my sources of (sustainable)protein, and I could never constrain myself from its fatty goodness.


(Lots of available meat as you can see)

The delicious bowl also contained a large serving of mung bean sprouts, Chinese white cabbage, okra(traditionally eaten with Orange soup, the jalapeno looking slices) and bitter melon(it’s great for enhancing insulin sensitivities and possibly fat burning? Kind of ironic because I was eating goops of fat from the fish head. But healthy fats of course, and in moderate amounts. They’re the big green chunks).

I paired the fish with a couple of leaves from my garden(lettuce, they’re still small, so not an abundance on my plate as you can see).

BUT in all seriousness, I totally recommend environmental-conscious pescetarians out there, to go for fish heads as a ‘sustainable source’ of delicious fishyness and protein.

Hopefully fish heads can be found in your local supermarkets(you’ll most likely have to elbow it out with some old Asian ladies). Fish heads might not have as much meat in them as in your good old fillet, but they’re much cheaper, because not many people have the guts to buy them goopy eyed bastards.  My salmon is 4.99 per kg. So four heads is about what I get for that price. Pound for pound, you might get more salmon meat out of the same price(And don’t forget the cheek meat which would otherwise go to waste. Hence why Chinese people normally prepare their fish with heads on) Also, the softened bones are a great source of calcium(who wants milk now?) and provide an edgy taste to your twang(not making much sense here).

And the same goes for snapper heads(the only other fish head I’d really bought and experimented with) as in you can get A LOT of meat out of for a really cheap price. Each head contains about 100 g or more of meat.

I don’t know what other fish heads are on for sale out there, but I’m sure they can be found.

Fish heads can be deep-fried(obviously not my method), baked in the oven(like chicken roasts! YUM), or made into healthy stews(as I normally do). I haven’t tried the first method and steaming but I’m sure they’d turn out über delicious.

At the same time by devouring fish heads, you can be environmentally sustainable, because you’re eating ‘offal’ stuff(can that be applied to seafood?) which would only go to waste!

And the fish obviously weren’t slaughtered for their heads (that sounds very spooky actually, like something out of a grade B horror movie)

Anyways, to finish off the post, a snap shot of my vegan bakings for the ‘vegan fundraiser’. All the donations went to SAFE(Save Animals From Exploitations, pretty clever, eh?) organization which works towards improving the quality of life of animals in New Zealand http://www.safe.org.nz/ I volunteer there quite regularly.

20130726_222316 20130726_222342

My vegan chocolate avocado cake. Recipe here: http://joythebaker.com/2009/07/vegan-chocolate-avocado-cake/

And vanilla vegan cupcakes(cannot find the website?) According to my mum, a tad bit too sweet. The cupcakes were living within the crooks of my brother’s ex-room(or my ex-brother’s room? He’d moved out a while back), and amongst unfolded clothes, the night before the bake sale, because the room was cold(it had become our storage space) and would keep the icing from melting and becoming visibly offensive.

Next post: On today’s vegan bake sale and sausage sizzle!!